alhamdulillaahi rabbil ‘aalamiin,
today i pass my thesis exam. thanks so much to everyone contributing to its completion: my advisors, the board of examiners, and all of my classmates and kontrakan-mates. mbah buk, mbah ji, bapak, ibuk, mbak fatim, ana, fuad, kamil, and barir, my deepest gratitude goes to all of you for your endless love and care. primarily for mbak dien and her family, who are now here visiting me (btw, you or me sih visit? :>), the words of thanks are never enough for your encouragement and silent dawn prayers. and you, who was here last week “spying” me from her car, i don’t know how to thank you for being you (another history of plagiarism, huh? :>). catur of jember, kesuwun sing wakeh ya.. do you realize how powerful your short messages are during my hard work finishing the thesis (although sometimes they are little bit romantic :D)? and not to forget are bapak-bapak, mas-mas, and adhek-adhek in gondanglegi, who always lighten my load especially on sundays, matur sembah nuwun nggih kagem sedoyonipun. and all the khilafah fighters around the world, alive or dead, you are the inspiration! thank you. thank you.


~ by ahmad nadhif on August 13, 2007.

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